sunflowerIf you want more detailed information about any information you have read, below is a list of helpful websites.

Depression – a resource for people who think they may be experiencing depression

New Zealand Association of Counsellors –  View Code of Ethics.

Lifeline NZ – Free telephone counselling

Youthline NZ – Free telephone counselling

Samaritans – Telephone support for emotional distress or loneliness – Support for victims of crime and trauma

Counselling for Sexual Abuse – Counsellors in your area

Alcohol and Drugs – Drug addiction treatment

Cyberbullying – What to do if you are experiencing online bullying

Netsafe – a resource for how to be safe online

What’s Up? – a safe phone line for kids to talk about anything at all (5-18)

Mental Health Foundation – Support if you have a mental health condition

EDANZ – Eating disorder specialist treatment

Home and family – Counselling based on your income

Skylight – Specialist grief support

InsideOut  – Support for young people of diverse genders and sexualities.

Rainbow Youth – Support for the queer and gender diverse community

I’m Local – information for young people questioning their sexuality

Anxiety NZ – Specialist support for those suffering from anxiety

Marinoto North – Mental health assessment and therapy for children and youth of Auckland

Myers Briggs – Take a personality test to help better understand yourself

Justice Department – Plunket course on Parenting Through Separation and Divorce