Traumatic incident

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Sam experienced a serious car accident when he was in his 20s. He found that he couldn’t stop thinking about the event. When he did, he experienced flashbacks, nightmares, couldn’t sleep or concentrate on his work. Sam was experiencing post-traumatic stress symptoms He had started to react from the fight, flight, freeze part of his […]

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Annabelle was a 40-year-old, happily married woman who had been a high achiever throughout her life. However, she noticed she was being overloaded by work. This was unusual as Annabelle had always coped so it created a high level of anxiety for her. She was unable to do the things she could normally do. Her […]

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Death of a Parent

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Andrew was the father of two adolescent children. Andrew’s wife (their mother), died four years earlier. They were a close family altered immeasurably by their sad loss. Carl (16), withdrew from family life and spent much of his time in his bedroom while Rachel (14), started to misbehave both at home and at school. Her […]

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  Beth was 16 when she fell pregnant back in the days of closed adoptions.  She was now in her 60s and not a day had passed where she did not think about the baby that she adopted to a couple she had never met. Beth knew she had given birth to a daughter but […]

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Couples Conflict

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Rachael contacted me to say that she and her husband were no longer close, that they seemed to disagree on almost everything and were growing apart. Robert was initially a reluctant participant in counselling, but Rachael said she would leave him if he didn’t come along.   They had three children quite quickly after getting […]

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Parents Separating

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  This is about a 12-year-old girl called Sarah.  She asked for counselling at school.  She was a high achiever in class and was involved in sports and music pursuits. She was happy and had not experienced any great hardships. Then came the news that her parents were separating. Sarah changed both at school and […]

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Sexual Abuse

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Barbara was six when her uncle sexually abused her.  He was her favourite uncle and he treated her as his favourite niece.  She loved to stay at his house, as she had fun with her cousins and her uncle spoilt her.  She grew to love and trust him and used to pester her parents to […]

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Relationship Difficulties

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Joe and Melissa were in their 12th year of marriage when they requested counselling. They had been arguing and becoming distant with one another for a couple of years. They had four children aged three, five, six and eight. When Joe and Melissa arrived in my office they sat apart and commenced the session with […]

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Theo (29) often felt anxious. He called himself a “worrier as a child” and his anxiety continued into his adulthood, often hampering him from trying new things.  He described a racing heart, feeling shaky, hot, and afraid.  At times he couldn’t breathe and felt as though he may die. His anxiety often resulted in panic […]

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Critical Parent

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Gail (40) noticed that she had become over-critical of her two boys aged 15 and 12.  She was growing increasingly uncomfortable with her behaviour towards the children. Counselling helped Gail link her own upbringing with some of her current parenting. She learnt to recognise that her Mum had often focused on negative behaviour. When Gail […]

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